Compassionate Pet Euthanasia Services in Birmingham, AL

Providing in-home support during your pet's final moments with you.

Our Services

In-Home Pet Euthanasia
In-Home Pet

Our in-home pet euthanasia service offers a compassionate, painless farewell in your chosen space, tailored to your and your pet's comfort. We accommodate a range of pets, ensuring a peaceful transition with professional care.

Deceased Pet Pickup
Deceased Pet

If your pet passes away at home and you opt against a home burial, our respectful pickup service is here to assist you. We have options to respectfully handle your pet's remainders as you wish.

Pet Cremation
Pet Cremation

Explore our cremation services, including communal and private options, with personalized keepsakes like ashes, pawprints, nose prints, or jewelry delivered to your doorstep within 10-14 days, all fees included. Learn more about how we can honor your pet's memory.

About Us

Compassionate Crossings, LLC provides in-home pet euthanasia in Birmingham, offering flexible scheduling during evenings and weekends for your convenience. Our service allows families to say goodbye in the comfort of their home, minimizing stress by handling all aftercare arrangements, including cremation and memorial returns. We cater to urgent needs with potential same-day appointments for critically ill pets. We focus solely on euthanasia, assuming pets have been evaluated by a vet for this compassionate choice.


Check out Dr. Lindsay Floyd as she discusses the need for our in-home pet euthanasia services serving the Greater Birmingham area.


Client Testimonials

K.C. & Bijou

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Compassionate Crossings and their care when my 18-year-old cat, Bijou, passed away while I was on vacation. Their respectful care and help with final arrangements during such a difficult time were invaluable, especially in navigating cremation options, lifting a burden off my shoulders. I'm grateful to have Bijou's ashes and a paw print keepsake to treasure forever. I highly recommend this amazing group of professionals in Birmingham for being there in my time of need."

Suzanne & Cowboy

"I'm so glad we found Dr. Lindsay and Ross's company, Compassionate Crossings. Dr. Lindsay was incredibly compassionate, making the process peaceful for us and our sweet boy, Cowboy, in the comfort of our home, which was much better than a vet's office. She allowed us time alone with Cowboy after he passed, and Ross hand-delivered his ashes with kindness. Their service, from first contact to the end, made a painful situation more bearable. Worth every penny and deserving of 10 stars. Highly recommend!"

Shelby & Odie

"I cannot say enough good things about Lindsay and Ross. From the first phone call, they were compassionate and understanding. Lindsay made our home visit comforting, loving on our dogs and easing our decision to put Odie to rest. She made the goodbye as painless as possible, explaining each step and allowing us to be with Odie as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge at home. Compassionate Crossings handled everything, from scheduling to cremation and returning Odie's cremains and memorial items, allowing us to focus solely on Odie."

Logan & Carlton

"I cannot say enough good things about Compassionate Crossings. Facing the tough decision for our dog, they arranged a same-day visit on short notice. Dr. Scruggs provided peace of mind with initial scheduling, Dr. Wade made the process comfortable for both our pup and family, and Dr. Floyd personally delivered our pet's remains with heartfelt personalized items. Their genuine empathy and comfort during this difficult time truly lived up to their name. We are deeply grateful for everything they did for us."

Wendy & Bay and Poppy Liu

"I cannot say enough about Compassionate Crossing. Dr. Lindsay Floyd is simply the best, truly in her calling. She visited our home for my heart dog Bay in November and then for Poppy Liu months later. Lindsay, our angel, was so kind, caring, and went out of her way to assist us, keeping me informed until my babies were back in gorgeous urns. I recommend the cylinder keepsake, which I keep in my purse. This service, allowing our other dogs to say goodbye, eased our grief, making it easier for all of us. Lindsay, now a part of our family, has been immensely helpful."

Nikki & Meatloaf

"Lindsay and Ross are incredible. Throughout the process of helping our senior greyhound over the bridge, they were responsive, kind, and compassionate. We were seen on a Sunday, and they accommodated our pace. Lindsay's visit, her kind words to our boy, and clear explanations made a tough situation the best it could be. Only a week later, Lindsay returned with our memorial items, perfectly honoring Meatloaf. I am so happy with how Meatloaf's departure was handled, all thanks to Lindsay and Ross."

Kizzie & Carson

"Dr. Floyd has an unreal gift for compassion and strength during life’s most tender tragedies. We had no idea what to expect during our visit, but Dr. Floyd walked us through every step without making us feel rushed at any point. She and Ross made one of the worst moments into a beautiful gift. If you are fortunate enough to say goodbye to your pet at home, I highly recommend Compassionate Crossings as your pet’s final new best friend."

Stephanie & Critter

"Dr. Lindsay Floyd was just amazing, and treated our sweet Critter cat like one of the family. It helped so much to be able to say our goodbyes to her at home, with our girl in her comfy surroundings. It's aways going to be heartbreaking, letting go, but the care and compassion shown to our cat and to us was so helpful in such a difficult time."

Sabrina & Jess

"Dr. Floyd was amazing and helped make this hard choice so much more peaceful. She was so, so good with my other three dogs, and gave us all the time we needed to grieve. Such a kind and compassionate soul through the whole process."

Tanya & Sweetie

"Dr. Floyd and her at-home service were a blessing, allowing our Sweetie to cross over comfortably at home, on our couch, with his sidekicks Finn and Clarice, avoiding the clinic's coldness. This hard loss was made bearable by not having to say goodbye in a clinic. We deeply miss him and are thankful to Dr. Floyd for providing this compassionate option when our family needed it most."

Robert & Casper

"Your business name says it all....and it is exactly what you did for our polar bear of a dog, Casper.....thank you so much!"

Mary Ann & Ellie

"It was so peaceful. Lindsey was so caring and compassionate fully understanding the difficulty and emotions with putting a dear pet down. I’m so glad I contacted them to do it. They really care and have the process figured out to make it peaceful for all. She gave me all the time I needed. They are such a blessing. "

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of visit. We will have a total available for you upon receipt of the Client Intake Form. If you are unsure of aftercare options, you can view our catalog at the time of our visit with available options.

2. What type of payments do we accept?

We accept cash, check, credit or debit cards.  Additionally, we can send you a payment link to the email address submitted in your Client Intake Form so you may focus your attention on your pet during the visit without having to deal with payment at that time.


3. How long do appointments take?

The euthanasia visit will typically take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and we will move at your desired readiness and comfort level. On occasions when we have multiple appointments on the same day, we may be late to your scheduled appointment only because we are ensuring the appropriate attention to any of our prior clients. We will communicate via phone or text to ensure you are aware of any delays to your scheduled appointment.

4. How is my pet's cremation handled?

For our cremation services, we have partnered with Pet Angel Cremation in Lincoln, AL. You do not need to make arrangements with Pet Angel as our service is all inclusive and we will handle all of the aftercare for you. If you would like to contact them to ask questions about their procedures and to be reassured that they are caring and respectful to your pet’s remains, they will be happy to speak with you.

5. Can I keep my pet's remains?

You may request that your pet’s remains be left on your premises, and you can make your own aftercare arrangements.  If you are planning on burying your pet, make sure that you inquire about the regulations of the city/town where you live: some city or neighborhood ordinances prohibit the burial of a pet’s body in your backyard.

6. How long until I receive my pet's remains & additional add on items?

The turnaround time for delivery is typically 10-14 days. Compassionate Crossings will hand-deliver all remembrance items you selected as part of your package.